2021 Event - NPC Conclusion & Update

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"There they are; it sure took them long enough to show up! Well, bring them over! We can’t delay any longer."


Thanks to the diligent assistance of Peepers from all walks of life, the keycards for the recruits have all been located! With the keycards registered and guides located, newcomers can now be assisted!


Welcome our new NPCs…

From left to right: Luka, Xenneth, and Dinja!


NPC Profile: LUKA

Occupation: Shopkeeper

Pronouns: He/him, They/them

Designer: Usaretam

Luka is a proud worker, always smiling and delighted to help the newcomers! His shop is a front for his more nefarious activities, such as organising dungeon raids and street fighting. Unfortunately for Luka, an accident during one such raid left him with an injury only his closest friends are aware of, leaving him to pace his shop aisles.



Occupation: Blacksmith and Dungeon Guide

Pronouns: She/her 

Designer: LinaLove

Xenneth is a serial story embellisher who always spins a different tale when asked about her scar. She enjoys nature hikes and has a knack for stumbling upon items wherever she goes, which further fuels her interest in hiking/exploring.


NPC Profile:  DINJA

Occupation: Gardener

Pronouns: Any (Prefers They/them)

Designer: Space-Nexus

Dinja is a friendly face with a hint of sass! They always have a grin on their face - I wouldn’t enter their garden if you see a frown!


All entrants will recieve the first place prize! Please dm me or submit a claim <3


Keycards are being dispensed en-masse. Peepits are being registered faster than ever before! Some peepers are skirting through the crowds, handing out pamphlets to the new registrants. You see blurs of colour as a sea of leaflets fly about, exchanging hands almost as fast as the keycards! 


You see a familiar green shape move toward you and Dinja hands you a pamphlet along with your keycard. You glance at the glossy paper...


“A garden? All for me?!” You can’t believe it…

Before you can compose yourself to thank Dinja, they have disappeared into the crowd once again.


You spot Xenneth. A grey blur, she isn’t long behind Dinja - she hands you her own pamphlet. It’s a little less professional, and lacks some colour, but you have a look to be courteous anyways.


You frown slightly. Dungeon? You’ve never heard of a dungeon before. The date on the pamphlet is smudged too.


Finally, you see Luka’s imposing frame shuffle about the crowds. They are towering at least a head-and-a-half above most of the other attendants. They spot you and grin, waving about their own pamphlet wildly. One of them manages to drift toward you.


“Referrals?” You think. “I thought Luka’s store was always full?”


As the excitement dies down, the soft chatter amongst Peepers is quickly hushed by a resonating hum emanating from the Okretra. All eyes shift to the looming structure, and you forget about the garden. Ears turn, honing in on the ominous thumps. Light begins to seep out from a door-shaped crack in the building’s side.






We have some great news to ~ announce ~. We’re introducing a lot of new features to the game this update! I’ll be expanding on these a little further down.

This will probably be the last big-ish update until the end of June considering exam season is almost upon us! Though I’ll try my best to get some mini-activities out in the discord :D

As for the new features -



The garden is a new minigame that will be added shortly before this update is released! The garden will be open to all users, regardless of whether or not you own a peeper. It’s the first time this game has ever been released, so we expect a few bumps along the way. As such, we’ve added a #bug-reports channel to the discord! The garden is unlocked through a Garden Invitation, which can be bought in luka's shop!

The garden gameplay should be fairly self explanatory, though if you have any questions feel free to ask in #questions!

No seeds have been created yet, expect them in the coming days! I'll throw out a ping when I add them and they will be included in a seed goodie bag!



To help tie in the new garden feature, we’re releasing a RNG based system to gain some items! We’re releasing things slowly as we expand the item base, but fear not! Everything you need to enter the garden is available within the forage and the all new Luka’s Shop!


Luka’s Shop

The second shop and first functional one, Luka’s shop will hold a lot of everyday goods! Check it out here.

In celebration, a free goodie bag will be available in the store!



Dungeons are a long-in-development project that’s coming to a close very soon! I don’t have an exact release date, but I will be opening up the trials for beta testers as soon as I feel it is in a workable state (bug free or not, only time shall tell :’) )

I don’t want to reveal TOO much about dungeons, since their setup may change between now and the expected Summer release, but they will maintain a similar gameplay experience!



Referrals are now here!

Referrals are an easy way for you and your friend (or referee!) to gain some currency on the website, and, eventually, other prizes :D

To refer someone, please go to your accounts setting page and generate a referral code. Once generated, your friend or acquaintance can input your code when registering to the site! Once your friend has completed one prompt successfully, you will be awarded 10 Gold Denarii and the referee 20 Gold Denarii, the main ARPG currency!



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