Hi! Welcome to the species rule page. This is the more "chill" rule section and involves the ARPG aspects of the site. This page will use more relaxed language, but please note it still applies to all users participating in the ARPG the same as the TOS or Privacy Policy!

This section covers things like species resale rules etc.

For the more "official"  / legal side of the rules (website policies, copyright, etc), please refer to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

This TOS applies to all designs, customs, and other commissioned work mods or I create as well as MYOs. Please read it thoroughly if you are considering purchasing a design from Arandiban!

By purchasing or obtaining designs or custom work from Ne-wt or under the ARANDIBAN closed species you automatically agree to all terms listed in this document.
peepers and associated species are CLOSED SPECIES and cannot be made for free without direct written permission from ne-wt.

All purchases and designs covered under this TOS are for digital goods only. 



✦ Any artist selling under the Ne-wt account has a right to display adoptables or artwork in their own personal galleries and use said artwork for promotional purposes and portfolios. 
✦ Adoptables, designs, and artworks sold under the Ne-wt account or under the Arandiban name cannot be used commercially. 
✦ Do not trace or alter the original artwork created by Ne-wt or sold under the Ne-wt account without explicit permission.
✦ All adoptables can be gifted for free to another user.
✦ If a design was obtained initially via purchase, it can be resold for up to that amount or exchanged with another user for a voucher.
✦ If a design was obtained initially via trade, it can be traded for other designs, artwork, or other goods. It cannot be sold. 
✦ Link back to the Ne-wt account, or the original artist's account if you post the original art on a different account or platform. Do not claim any of these artworks as your own.
✦ We do NOT revoke design rights under any circumstances, unless an adopt has not been paid for or a chargeback has been issued.

✦ The owner of any designs, adoptables, or artwork created or sold by Ne-wt and all designs sold under the Arandiban name are created and sold for non-profit, personal use. These designs and artworks cannot be used commercially without permission. If you, as the design's owner, wish to obtain full commercial rights to a design, custom, or commission created by Ne-wt you must contact them directly to discuss compensation.

 In the case of artwork or designs being used for illegal or harmful content:
Illegal or harmful content would cover: Hate speech, nazism, pedophilia, racism, homophobia, transphobia, bestiality, noncon, slavery
--> While we cannot revoke designs that have been paid for, we as creators can revoke rights to use said artwork and remove your access to the species name/community. We do NOT support this type of content, do not allow our designs or IPs to be used for said content, and do not allow users who support or create such content participate in our community. We will not do business with users involved with this sort of content in any capacity.

Please see the blacklisted section for more details on how violations are handled. 



A "chargeback" in this case is using paypal's chargeback system to have money spent on an adoptable, artwork, or slot returned to you after receiving your goods.

Do not file charge backs against Ne-wt or any artists selling under the Ne-wt account. In the event of a charge back you will be blacklisted from Arandiban and all sales on the Ne-wt account. 

You lose all rights to work, design, custom, artwork, or slot that has had a chargeback filed on it. If you file a charge back all work and adopts covered in said charge back with have ownership revoked as they have no longer been paid for. The artist creating that work has the right to resell or re purpose any revoked designs, custom work, and commissions.


 OTAs, Flatsales & Auctions 

This section only covers designs, artwork, custom slots, and MYO slots sold or traded for through the Ne-wt account. 

 It is the buyers responsibility to fully read and understand the TOS and any rules listed at the time of a sale or trade on the sale post or journal. 
✦ Disrespecting or harassing other participants in an OTA or sale will have the offender barred from participating in that OTA or sale. 
✦ All bids, offers, and claims on any sale posts or journals should be made seriously. Bids, claims, or chosen offers cannot be retracted and are final. 
✦ Retracting bids or claims after you, the buyer, are the top bidder or have been chosen as the winner of the design or slot could potentially see you banned from participating in future sales or trades. 

--> On first offense
The offending user will no longer be able to purchase designs, artwork, or slots directly from Ne-wt in flatsales, OTAs, or auctions. They may still use any Ne-wt designs they own or any Arandiban species, can purchase designs from other users, and can participate in the group and free events.
--> On Second offense: The offending user will be banned from all sales and events hosted by Ne-wt and Arandiban 
In the case that you, as the bidder, DO need to back out of a sale it must be done at least 24 hours before the end of the sale to let the seller know. Backing out of an AB will have the offending user banned regardless on reason.
Failure to contact the artist to warn of a cancelled bid or claim (Ie: if a bid or claim comment is hidden without warning) will result in the offending user being banned from participating in future sales. 


★ Trading or reselling

Trading, purchasing, and reselling closed species designs second hand is done so at the risk of the user. Do not do business with someone that you do not trust. Ne-wt and Arandiban are not responsible for reimbursing users in the case of a scam or breaking of these terms. Any issues are to be handled between the users conducting the trade or resale.

If you feel you have been scammed or that a user is violating the resale or trading terms, contact Arandiban privately.

A closed species design refers to any design sold through the Arandiban group.
It is the responsibility of both the buyer and seller/both users participating in a trade to fully read and understand these terms. In the event of a broken term, BOTH users may be punished accordingly. 

✦ All ownership transfers are handled by the transfer feature onsite.
✦ If a design is not on the masterlist, it cannot change hands for any reason.
✦ Designs with a price listed in their description can be resold for up to that price. 
✦ If there is no price listed in the masterlist description, a design cannot be sold or exchanged for vouchers for any reason.

✦ If a design is being resold to another user, it cannot be sold for more than the price listed in its masterlist description. 
--> In the case of additional art that you, the owner, has paid for: The current owner can resell the design with the additional cost of any art that they have paid for directly.
--> In the case of a user purchasing a design via resale with additional art for over the design's initial sale price: The price resets to the initial sale price after the resale, and cannot be resold for more than the masterlist price unless you, as the new owner, purchase additional art. 
Essentially, unless the current owner commissioned the extra art, it should not add on to the price.

✦ All allowed rights to a design and any artwork created of that design instantly transfer to a new owner when traded unless the artist requests that art be discarded before the exchange is made.✦ If a design has alternate forms, "alternate universe" designs created by you or commissioned from another user that borrow design elements from the original design, these designs also transfer along with the character. 
✦ Any companions, items, or additional designs that were included at the time of the initial sale or trade from the Ne-wt  account will always be included along with the design when it changes hands. 
✦ Designs that have been obtained second hand through trade, but have a price listed on the masterlist can still be resold for that price regardless of how you obtained them as the new owner
✦ No additional rules or terms added on to trades or resales by individual users are officially supported by Ne-wt  or Arandiban and failure to abide by extra rules established by users is not a punishable offense by these terms.

★ Vouchers

A "voucher" is exchanging a design so that someone else purchases goods or services for you with the intent of obtaining a design from you. This would include purchasing other designs and purchasing merchandise.
✦ A voucher can be arranged for any design on the masterlist.
✦ Vouchers cannot exceed $100 more than the masterlist price / initial purchase price of a design regardless of any extra art included. Extra art is not required to meet this cap. 
Example: A design purchased for $50 can currently be exchanged for a voucher that is worth up to $150. 


 Artist Rights 

These artists rights cover Ne-wt, any artists selling through the Ne-wt account, and all artists who create MYO designs of closed species.

✦ Artists of designs under the Arandiban name or sold through the Ne-wt account are able to post designs they create to any of their online galleries. 
✦ It is the artist's right to decline any sale, auction purchase, or commission for any reason.
✦ Artists of said designs are able to use the artwork of designs created by them for commission examples, self promotion, and portfolios.
✦ Artists of said designs should always be credited when their work is posted by the design's owner.


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